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Some of the best Webmaster resources

Newbie and even experienced Webmasters, no matter what industry you operate out of, you should find the webmaster resources that I've detailed below quite useful.

Casino Blasters Affiliate Program
Webmasters can earn some of the Most generous affiliate payout rates in the online affiliate Industry - Their revenue-share program specifically pays Webmasters 50% of the Casino's gross revenue generated by referred players in the Webmaster's first month, and 36% of Casino gross Revenue for the entire player lifetime - no phony deductions, no 'net gaming' payouts!

Game In A Can Free Games
Get free games for your web sites. These are self-contained games in a console that you can pop-up directly from your site, and which you can have configured to have the same look and feel as your site. The games are casino themed including blackjack and slots and are undoubtedly a great addition to any entertainment or personal web site.

Webmaster World
One of the best and undoubtedly most popular free webmaster forums on the Web, you only have to hang out at the Webmaster World for a few minutes to learn something new everyday. Thousands of Webmasters from all over the world meet, talk and share ideas there on everything from "how to rank in Google" to "how to create a robots.txt file". A must see (and revisit) site for any serious Webmaster.

Feel free to with your own suggestion for links to the best webmaster resources.